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In the 13th Collector’s room

Every year, in the 13th Collector's Room on the upper floor of the Staufer Chapel, we present the museum as a collector with a selection of our new acquisitions.
New exhibition

We collect!
New Objects for the Historisches Museum starting 9.3.2023

Collectors are educated and well-read, curious and communicative, creative and ambitious, manic and sometimes hypochondriac, but above all generous. They donate their collections. Withour collectors and donors, there would be no museums. No museums in Frankfurt, no Historisches Museum Frankfurt. For it belongs 'to the peculiar life of the Frankfurter that he collects and arranges; the one capital, bills of exchange, and cash of different kinds, the other rarities and treasures from the rich areas of antiquity, art, and nature' (Kirchner 1818). That is the focus of the permanent exhibition 'Collectors and Donors of Frankfurt' on the four floors of the Burnitz Building.

Today professional collectors work at the Historisches Museum – the curators, whose job it is to oversee and expand the differend collections. They talk to artists, visit art dealers, and study auction catalogues in search of paintings and sculptures, prints and photographs, clothing, coins, and everyday objects dating from Frankfurt's past and present. Again and again, friends and patrons from Frankfurt and all over the world vontact the curators because they want to donate special collections or individual items.

But not everything can be had for free. Many a rare or high-quality object has its price. The members of the SaalhofClub, the Freunde & Förderer (friends and patrons), and various foundations support the museum year after year with important contributions to enable the purchase of such treasures for its collections. Every one of them is likewise a donor. We are most grateful to them all for their generosity.