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Children’s trail in the Collector’s Museum

Have a go, discover and take away collectible stickers for the scrapbook – the Collector’s Museum allows children and young people to become collectors themselves and have a go.
Children are great and passionate collectors. They are able to acquire detailed expertise about the items they collect; they classify and arrange their collections, swap them, talk shop together, show and present. So what could be more appropriate than leaving a children’s trail through the permanent exhibition, where everything is about collectors and collections? Various interactive stations for children with specific tasks about the collectors, their collections and on collecting itself have been included in the exhibition.
A clearly recognisable sign marks the children’s trail. Every child immediately recognises upon entering the room where they can go and find activities created especially for them. On the way through the permanent exhibition, there are things that the young visitors can collect themselves. In every collector’s room, there are fixtures with collectible stickers that can be taken home to stick onto the corresponding position in the children’s catalogue.

At the children’s station in the Barckhaus and Glock Collection, for example, objects from the exhibited art cabinet from the 18th century can be arranged according to the categories of the time (artificialia, naturalia, antiquitas, historica...) and they can try and think which areas are missing (from today’s point of view). In the Waldschmidt collection, which was stored in the old city library, the medial transition from map to globe can be tested out and different world maps can be compared with one another.
There is also a scrapbook of the children’s trail. The album is designed for use in the exhibition and contains texts, illustrations and exercises. There are four pages for every collector presented in the exhibition. Collector and collection are presented across two pages: Why did he/she collect and how did the collection end up in the museum? The following two pages then contain exercises on the respective collection. At the end of the booklet, there is a pocket for collecting and storing collectible stickers. They can be stored there until taken home and stuck onto the right place in the booklet. The scrapbook will thus provide a lot of stimulation to keep discussing the theme of the exhibition and to visit the exhibition again.

The children’s trail was supported by the Aventis Foundation.