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A quarter and a whole
CityLab on the move in Gallus

CityLab Exhibition
24 April - 6 September 2015
In the heart of the city you can find the Gallus - a quarter in the whole. A special place full of history and stories:
It took place from April 24 to September 6, 2015 and showed the results of ten months of work with people from Gallus. They are about vitality and misery, about home, transit and the changing times. Formerly a major industrial district and workers' quarter in Frankfurt, Gallus now has many more and different faces. It is a quarter - and a whole, whose unity today lies in its diversity. The fifth participatory CityLab on the move exhibition was as diverse as the district.

In their exhibition contributions, almost 200 people told how the quarter feels to them: they are glimpses of the past and the "new" Gallus, stories to smile and reflect on, paintings, photo, text and video works.

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