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Board of trustees

The Board of Trustees of the HMF was founded in 2008 to support the museum and its director as a partner, mediator and advisor.
The Board of Trustees is made up of well-known personalities who act as multipliers for the HMF in their respective fields. Among them are representatives of science, the media, foundations, politics and business.

Since February 2020, the Frankfurt lawyer Markus Pfüller has chaired the Board of Trustees, with Andrea von Bethmann acting as Deputy Chairperson.

Other members (as of February 2021): Barbara Bernoully, Prof. Dr. Heinz Böttcher, Dr. Wolfgang Cilleßen (stellv. Dir. HMF), Prof. Dr. Albrecht Cordes, Dr. h.c. Udo Corts, Dr. Andreas Dietzel, Dr. Nargess Eskandari-Grünberg, Reinhard Fröhlich, Dr. Jan Gerchow (Dir. HMF), Matthias Haack, Elisabeth Haindl., Dr. Ina Hartwig (Kulturdezernentin), Dr. Bernd Heidenreich, Jan-Berend Holzapfel, Dr. Albrecht Graf von Kalnein, Ulrich Krebs, Stefan Kroll, Dr. Thorsten Latzel, Stefan Ohmeis, Dr. Günter Paul, Sabine Petersen-Spindler, Prof. Dr. Klaus Ring, Dr. Andrea Schneider-Braunberger, Prof. Zvonko Turkali, Prof. Dr. Joachim Valentin, Otto J. Völker.

Club33 has a maximum of 33 members, who are willing to engage in the club for a period of between 3 and 33 years and donate €3,333 per year for the expansion of the museum’s collection.
Club33 meets once a year on the 3rd of March at a gala evening to see the new objects purchased by the museum.
In 2014, a large-format, high-quality painting depicting silk wholesaler and Kommerzienrat (Councillor of Commerce) Franz Maria Schweitzer with his family in 1758 was able to be acquired through Club33.
The purchase object for 2015 is a 1906 painting by Fritz Wucherer using a tempera technique. It depicts a view of the Main in Frankfurt. It was created as a draft for a mural in the Frankfurt Römer which is no longer around today.
So far, Club33 has included Dr Andreas Dietzel, Thomas Heymann, Dr Phoebe Kebbel, Hilmar Kopper, Stefan Kroll, Robert Mangold, Markus Pfüller, Sabine Petersen-Spindler, Ulrike Schiedermair, Dr Wolf Schröder-Hilgendorff, Dr Manfred Spindler, Konrad von Bethmann and Rolf Windmöller as well as other members.

Friends & Donors of the museum
Andrea von Bethmann
Email info(at)freunde-hmf.de