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A family is a group of people of different ages. Older people enjoy joining younger ones in learning something about the history of Frankfurt. It is often the case that even three generations of a family will visit the museum together. When referring to grandparents, parents and children, we also mean to reach out to visiting families who are not related to one another.

In designing options for these groups, we make sure that participants of all ages can benefit from them. The family trail is something that can be discovered together. It leads through the Frankfurt Back Then? permanent exhibition and through the Collector’s Museum. Interactive stations with a free activity booklet have been created especially for children aged seven and above and for families. The family trails turn a visit to the museum into a truly special experience.

Children's trail 1: Frankfurt once?

In the permanent exhibition "Frankfurt once?" the orange colour of the stations makes them easy to identify and runs as a trail through the two levels of the exhibition. This family tour is aimed at children from the age of seven who, accompanied by adults, not only want to look at objects, but also be active. Click here to find out more about the family tour in "Frankfurt once?". If you are interested in a guided tour, take the booklet of the family tour "Frankfurt Einst?" with 16 stops. The tour takes about two hours. If you have less time, simply choose your favourite stations.

Children's trail 2: Collector's Museum

Have a go, discover and take away collectible stickers for the scrapbook – the Collector’s Museum allows children and young persons to become collectors themselves and have a go. Click to find out more about the children’s trail in the Collector’s Museum.

Family tours and city tours designed especially for groups with participants of different ages inject life into the cultural historical highlights of the Historisches Museum and themes about the history of the city.

Every second Sunday of the month, there is a family tour at 3 p.m. – you can find current dates and themes in the calendar.

Using a manduca baby carrier in the museum

We offer manduca tours for mothers and fathers with a baby. They provide a cultural escape from everyday life with a baby with a tour for parents with infants. Carriers are provided as well as a changing table and appreciative participants, meaning mums and dads, can relax and delve into the history of our city. Manduca tours are offered both in the museum and as city tours.   

You can find current dates and themes of the manduca tours in the  calendar.

Picnic area in the Young Museum Frankfurt

In the Young Museum Frankfurt there is an area on each of the levels 0 and 3, which is equipped with seating and tables. This area can be used as a picnic area. Here you can eat and drink what you have brought with you. Consumption within the exhibition area and in the gastronomy areas is not permitted.