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Public Conference –
Dynamics of remembering and forgetting

Conference from May 23 and 24, 2019

The exhibition "Forgetting – Why we don't remember everything" makes the manifold dimensions of forgetting visible and interlocks findings from social sciences, cultural history, neuroscience, psychoanalysis and art.
The conference will delve into the topics of memory – biography – identity, cultural change in remembering and forgetting, forgetting as repression of the past, and trauma in a dialogue between experts. Lectures of 30 minutes and moderated discussions alternate.

Thursday, May 23

8.30 Registration

9.00 a.m. Welcome
Dr. Jan Gerchow
Director of the Historical Museum Frankfurt
Prof. Dr. Vera King
Director of the Sigmund Freud Institute Frankfurt

9.30 a.m. Key Note
Forgetting and Remembering. On the meaning of a linking word
Prof. Dr. Christine Abbt
University of Lucerne

Audience discussion

Coffee break

Panel I Memory – Biography – Identity

10.30 a.m. Introduction
Dr. Insa Wilke Moderation

10.45 a.m. From Mnemosyne to NMDA Receptor
Prof. Dr. Hannah Monyer
University of Heidelberg and German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg

11.20 a.m. Remembering the way it suits us. The change of life stories in the course of life
Prof. Dr. Tilmann Habermas
Goethe University Frankfurt

In conversation: Hannah Monyer and Tilmann Habermas
Insa Wilke Moderation

12.30 Lunch Break

Panel II Cultural Change of Remembering and Forgetting

14.00 Introduction
Dr. Insa Wilke Moderation

14.10 Faster and faster, more and more ... Forgetting and Preserving in the Digitally Accelerated Present
Prof. Dr. Vera King
Sigmund Freud Institute and Goethe University Frankfurt

14.40 Slow and uncertain? Forgetting and Preserving Homer from Antiquity to the Present Day
Prof. Dr. Astrid Erll Goethe University Frankfurt
Im conversation: Vera King und Astrid Erll
Insa Wilke Moderation

15.30 Coffee break

16.00 Home in oblivion
Dr. Verena Boos
Audience discussion

16.45 In conversation: Christine Abbt and Aleida Assmann
Insa Wilke Moderation

17.30 Possibility to visit the exhibition

Public evening lecture

19.00 Spatial and temporal images of remembering and forgetting
Prof. Dr. Aleida Assmann
English, literature and cultural studies scholar

Friday, May 24

9.30 Key Note
Remembering, there and back
Jochen Gerz, Artist
Audience discussion

10.25 Coffee break

Panel III Forgetting as repressing the past

10.45 Introduction
Dr. Insa Wilke Moderation

11.00 Forgetting and remembering in the Historical Museum
Dr. Jan Gerchow
Director of the Historical Museum Frankfurt
Audience discussion

11.40 "Who am I?"
Identity fractures and the erasure of one's past as a result of massive trauma
Ilany Kogan Psychoanalyst
Audience discussion

12.30 Lunch break

Panel IV Trauma

14.00 Introduction
Dr. Insa Wilke Moderation

14.10 The need to remember and the need to forget. Processing trauma and loss in children with attachment disruptions
Prof. Dr. Patrick Meurs
University of Kassel and Sigmund-Freud-Institute Frankfurt
Audience discussion

14.40 I remember goodbyes
Jenny Erpenbeck Author

audience discussion

15.30 Coffee break

15.45 Forgetting and not being able to forget. A psychoanalytical perspective
Prof. Dr. Heinz Weiß Robert-Bosch-Hospital
Stuttgart and Sigmund Freud Institute Frankfurt
Audience discussion

16.30 In conversation: Jenny Erpenbeck, Jochen Gerz and
Heinz Weiß
Insa Wilke Moderation

17.30 End of the conference

Cooperation partner:

Sigmund-Freud-Institute Frankfurt

Supported by:

Kulturstiftung des Bundes


Jasmin Alley, Prof. Dr. Kurt Wettengl, curators of the exhibition "Forgetting – Why we don't remember everything"


David Barth


Historical Museum Frankfurt