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Of Burghers and Bankers – Paintings of the Gogel and Hauck Families of Frankfurt

22.11.2017 – 29.4.2018 (13th Collector’s Room)
Well-to-do European banking families have often been known to invest part of their wealth in art, and thus also to convert their cultural capital into social prestige. In Frankfurt, the banker Johann Noë Gogel (1715–1781) had a prominent painting gallery to call his own. Located in his town house on Rossmarkt Square during his lifetime, it was auctioned off after his death. Yet a large number of special paintings remained in the family’s possession, including a small view of the Gogel gallery by the painters Johann Daniel Bager and Christina Stöcklin (ca. 1776) and the large family portrait by Bager (1776). The HMF is assembling these and several other paintings from the private holdings of the Hauck family – descendants of the Gogels – for the first time, and presenting them in the 13th Collector’s Room.
The exhibition is being made possible by the Stiftung Michael Hauck.