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Image archive

The image archive is the museums' point of contact for scientists, publishers and private individuals who are looking for images of objects from the museum collection, exhibitions or the work of the museum and who want to inquire about rights of use for publications.

Photo requests for collection objects and topics are researched after a request. Appointments for film recordings are coordinated. Copyright issues are clarified and user fees are set by contract.

Image request

Upon request, digital image data can be ordered from the museum collection objects that we have produced by commissioned photographers. A small part of the collection objects (about 2,000 out of about 600,000) is already archived in our image database Conluxo and can be made available on order by our contract photographer for download or stored on disk.
For inquiries you can use our form for image request.

Latest Information

Please understand that research in the individual collection areas is currently only possible to a limited extent and therefore not all image requests can be processed.


Image archive
T +49 69 212-30596 
F +49 69 212-30702
E-Mail bildarchiv.hmf(at)stadt-frankfurt.de