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All offers for teachers and educators

Our twice-yearly newsletter provides you with an overview of the upcoming exhibitions at the Historical Museum, the CityLab and the Young Museum, the educational programs that accompany them, as well as an overview of dates and the program of continuing education courses for teachers. Unfortunately only available in German.

by mail with the subject "Anmeldung Newsletter Schule im Museum" to besucherservice@historisches-museum-frankfurt.de

Here you will find all the materials that you can use for the preparation and visit in our house.

Further education for teachers and educators

Twice a year, the "School in the Museum" team of the Historical Museum and the Young Museum jointly offer further education events for teachers to inform them about the upcoming exhibition program and new museum educational formats. We would like to offer space for a greater exchange of ideas and make it possible to plan a visit to the museum into the daily teaching routine at an early stage. Unfortunately only available in German.

Every Monday after the opening of a special exhibition we offer guided tours for teachers so that you can get to know the exhibitions as well as the accompanying offers. Unfortunately only available in German.

Special opening times for guided tours
When making reservation for a guided tour it's possible to ask for an appointment earlier than the usual opening times - if necessary.

You find special places for picknick in Young Museum von Level 0 and Level 3.

Museum bus and funding opportunities for visiting the museum
Information on funding opportunities for museum visits as well as information on transportation from your school to the museum with the museum bus can be obtained from Stadtschulamt Frankfurt.

Public transport
U-Bahnen U4, U5 (Dom/Römer) Straßenbahnen 11, 12 (Römer/Paulskirche)