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My Frankfurt model 2015

An artistic city model of over a thousand Frankfurt citizens and Hermann Helle, Frankfurt/Rotterdam 2015 to 2017

The Frankfurt model in the permanent exhibition shows the city as it was described by its inhabitants in 2015. The Historisches Museum asked 1,166 Frankfurters for their views on the city. On that basis, artist Herman Helle built a model that is full of life. Favourite places and non-places, the diversity of the districts and perceptions of the city are the focus of the Frankfurt model. It shows how the Frankfurters who were interviewed see their city. Herman has translated this into art: he portrays the most important places in large-scale, while some stories are told through the use of allusions and found objects. Noises and videos convey the liveliness of the perceived city.
The city’s social groups differ greatly. This is why the opinions of Frankfurters often contradict one another. In Frankfurt, village and city, skyscrapers and timber frames, urban development and greenery are all right next to each other. These opposites come together and surprising neighbourhoods come to light through the model’s use of different media.

Find out about the Frankfurt model in a film by clicking here