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Summer tour 2016
Exploring Frankfurt

26 June - 17 September 2016
For almost three months, the CityLab of the Historisches Museum Frankfurt was on the road with artistic interventions, workshops, city walks, readings and with the question "Who lives in Frankfurt and how". With a total of 42 activities over 37 days and at 30 locations, we explored Frankfurt with 25 groups and participants.

The activities of the summer tour showed that issues around gentrification processes, affordable housing and visibility or representation in the city are currently central. Another important point was how to deal with demolition, new construction and existing buildings. Thus, at the audio workshop with Tine Nowak in Bockenheim, the former AfE tower and the new planning of the Bockenheim campus were pivotal topics. With Felix Wiegand and Sebastian Schipper as well as the Association of German Architects, we took a look at the Europaviertel and talked on site about "new construction gentrification" and the effects the building project has on rental prices and neighbourhoods in the Gallusviertel. In their artistic works, Helene Deutsch and Anton Steenbock critically examined the reconstruction of the new Old Town and posed the question: What identification with the city is to be achieved through the new development?

All activities have enabled views on the city that otherwise often remain obscured. In this context, research meant: How can we collect and communicate the present and the issues that are negotiated in the city? This was not about knowledge production in a scientific sense, but rather an invitation: "Show me your subjective Frankfurt."

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