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City Views.
A subjective cartography of Frankfurt

Exhibition: 22 October 2022 to 10 April 2023

Accompanying "The Lust for Loss - Carl Theodor Reiffenstein (1820-1893) and Frankfurt's Old Town" and based on the examination of changes in the city, the CityLab invites artists, urban sketchers, and Frankfurt residents from preschoolers to senior citizens to capture contemporary views of the city.

A subjective cartography of Frankfurt is to document changes and processes of change in the city in the 2020s with means of drawings and to describe them in short texts or with comments written directly in the drawings. Individual buildings, streets, settlements, panoramas and cartographies can be (subjectively) documented through drawings. Current drawings can also be supplemented with a selection from the last 30 years to illustrate urban redevelopment. These current works will be correlated to the historic city views from the 19th century.

Artistic techniques?

In order to capture today's city views, techniques such as drawing (pencil/ colored pencil, charcoal, felt-tip pen, pen, ink/ chalk), etching, copperplate engraving, aqua tinta, watercolor, and collage are of interest to the exhibition. Drawers are free to choose their motifs, but the drawing should have a connection to the city of Frankfurt am Main (topography) and show architecture, squares, green spaces, streets, riverbanks. Single sheets, series or sketchbooks are welcome.


Katharina Böttger: T +49 69 212-49709

Further materials

The exhibition documentation can be purchased via the catalog order form or read online here.

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