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park in progress.
CityLab on the move in the Wallanlagen

18 May - 21 September 2014
The fourth edition of "CityLab on the move" took place on 23 hectares of green space, five kilometres long, in seven plant sections and between 1919 trees. The open-air exhibition in the Wallanlagen focused on the green space itself: What significance does the park on the site of the former city fortifications have for life in the city today? More than one hundred participants worked on the exhibition for a year and together they defined contents, exhibition locations and events. The common interest of the heterogeneous group was to show the Wallanlagen in their context and to raise public awareness of the Wallservitut regulation, which protects the green space from building and thus wants to preserve it.

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Exhibition details

In 60 contributions, which could be accessed with a hiking map and a smartphone app, the co-curators showed a subjective re-survey of the inner city park. In addition to historical, sociological and artistic contributions, the question of the relationship between private interests and public space was also central: Who determines how public spaces are used, and can they once again become a place for interaction and communication?
A striking yellow pole track, advertising pillars, objects and art installations made the walk varied and attracted all park visitors. More than 60 events in the supporting programme brought the Wallanlagen to the attention of the public in summer 2014. Numerous positive responses showed in particular that the exhibition met the need for historical identification and the focus on public space in Frankfurt.

Exhibition location

Frankfurter Wallanlagen