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CityLab Revisting Collections.
Collecting migration by participation

CityLab Exhibition
7 October 2017 - 7 February 2018

In the first CityLab project we worked with the collection, objects from the museum collection as well as objects from CityLab participants were examined within the questions: Which objects reflect the cultural diversity and migration history of our city? What makes an ordinary object an object of migration? Every Tuesday, curator Aikaterini Dori was present at the exhibition, discussing the above-mentioned questions with visitors or accepting objects that were loaned to the project. In the course of the project, five workshops were organised to discuss how the museum can collect migration history in a participatory way.

Kick-Off Workshop

The first Revisting Collections Workshop took place on 18 October 2017. 15 Frankfurters with migration history, experts on migration and interested people on the topic of "Migration and Museum" came together to discuss the question of how to collect migration. For the CityLab team this meeting was a new experience in two aspects. On the one hand, for the first time the project linked the CityLab method with the museum collection. On the other hand, it was also the first time that we organised a CityLab workshop in the area that was conceived and designed for this purpose in the middle of the exhibition "Research Frankfurt Now!" exhibition.

Outcomes and results

From October 2017 to February 2018, we worked with a group of CityLab participants with and without migration biography to develop strategies and recommendations for collecting migration history, collect "migration objects" and record audio interviews. During the final discussion on February 7, 2018, the results were presented and discussed with an extended group of experts. In addition to the CityLab participants, the panel included:
Chrisula Dingiludi (CityLab participant), Aikaterini Dori (museum fellowship holder cultural diversity and migration, curator Revisting collections-project), Jan Gerchow (Director HMF), Armin von Ungern-Sternberg (AmKA) and Sandra Vacca (DOMiD). Presented by Susanne Gesser (HMF).

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