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The CityLab has been on the move since 2010. Since then, many large exhibitions have come from it, which we created together with many different Frankfurters.
We have been in Ostend and in the Stadionbad, and have explored Ginnheim, the Wallanlagen and the Gallus. In 2015 and 2016, we were on our summer tour.
In 2017, we made a CityLab film and, for the first time, participatively examined a part of the museum collection during the CityLab Revisting Collections. Since 2017 the CityLab has got its own big exhibition space at Historisches Museum Frankfurt, which is used for CityLab exhibitions and events on a regular basis. 
For each CityLab project a documentation has been published in German, which is available via order form for catalogs in our store. For some projects a free download is available.